How Important is the Role of football Team Captain?

How Important is the Role of football Team Captain? Posted on

How Important is the Role of football Team Captain?

In football, the role of the captain may not be as important as it is in other team sports.

It’s a view that many share, the strength lies in the collective rather than in one man. It seems that being a football captain is more about an attitude that shapes team culture, and a mindset that allows them to lead, motivate, make decisions and communicate as well as being a spokesperson for the team should the players feel they need more Cheap Football Kits from stockists like kitking when their original ones start to look a little threadbare.

The Role of Leadership

A football captain needs to be able to lead while understanding that the captain doesn’t do everything, and is just one of a number of leaders on the pitch. football is a much more democratic game than most other team sports.

However, the captain does have an important role to play in mentoring and building confidence and skill in members of the team. They are the morale hub of the team and it is important that they encourage the other players, particularly those that are new to the team or young players. Captains tend to work closely with the coaches if there are players that are struggling in any areas of footballing life.

A Motivational Role

A good captain leads by example and gives total commitment at every match and giving it 100% on the training pitch. Motivation is as much about what a captain does as what he says, which earns him the respect of his fellow players and motivates them to do better.

Taking the Tough Decisions

A captain that makes a real difference to their team isn’t afraid to take the tough decisions, or to take responsibility when things don’t go to plan. It’s a role that comes with a lot of pressure and expectations, and a good captain is expected to be as composed in defeat as he is in victory, and give of his best whatever the situation.

The Importance of Good Communication

The role of the captain is to give orders on the pitch and off. He is the man who ensures the coach’s tactics and strategy are communicated to the team and played out during the match. It’s also up to the captain to liaise with coaches and mediate between them and the team. Part strategist, part diplomat and 100% communicator, the football captain needs the full skillset to succeed.