The modern man’s guide to wearing vintage fashion

The modern man's guide to wearing vintage fashion Posted on

The modern man’s guide to wearing vintage fashion

With many of today’s fashion staples being pioneered by styles from the past, vintage fashion will certainly always be on trend and these classic styles are a great way for the modern man to add a touch of timeless sophistication to his wardrobe.

The Suits:

When trying to achieve a vintage look, corduroy suits add texture to a plain white shirt, not to mention being a great insulator during the winter. Coloured corduroy in shades such as burgundy put a fresh spin on this classic material. Alternatively, you may even opt for a corduroy bomber jacket as a stylish layering piece.

Unlike the pin stripe suit, chalk stripe refers to a series of threads which are weaved in order to form a strip which resembles a drawn line out of chalk, which is usually wider and more clearly defined than pin stripe. This style can look superb over a double-breasted suit. However, be sure to keep the rest of your outfit understated to allow the chalk stripe to do the talking.

The modern man's guide to wearing vintage fashion

Chesterfield Coat

Rumoured to be invented by the 6th Earl of Chesterfield, this classic coat makes a powerful statement. It is usually heavy and in a plain black or charcoal shade. The Chesterfield coat would look equally great paired with a suit as it would with a t-shirt, jeans and trainers for a laidback and modern look. You will find a great range of mens Farah shirts, which are perfect for pairing with the Chesterfield coat. You can see some examples at

Cuban Collars

According to GQ, the Cuban shirt is currently having its moment in the fashion spotlight. This style of shirt (also known as the camp collar shirt) has a real old school feel which helps creates that classic Americana style during the summer time. Pair with denim or a pair of chinos and you’ve got yourself a comfortable and easy to throw on summer staple piece with a touch of vintage charm.


Say goodbye to the tie and introduce the neckerchief to your wardrobe. Neckerchiefs can add interest to smart-casual outfits and are available in everything from plain to printed designs. However, you should be sure that your neckerchief will sit well over a basic t shirt or a smart jumper, not to mention tying it correctly.